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fine series of 15 Muybridge photographs of giant trees at Yosemite

MUYBRIDGE, EADWEARD. Collection of 15 Mariposa Grove of Mammoth Trees

San Francisco: Bradley & Rulofson, 1872

15 stereographs, each with a pair of albumen prints approx. 3 x 3 in., original publisher’s printed mounts stating “Mariposa Grove of Mammoth Trees. Illustrated by Muybridge. Published by Bradley & Rulofson,” each with “Photographic Illustrations of the Pacific Coast” details on verso. The photographs generally in very good condition, with strong tones, a little surface wear. Some edge wear and soiling to mounts. A handsome set.

This is a fine run of 15 Muybridge photographs of the big trees of the Mariposa Grove. Muybridge made two photographic expeditions to Yosemite, the first in 1867 and the second in 1872. There he established himself as the equal of his principal competitor, Carleton Watkins. These spectacular photographs reflect the characteristic romantic mood of Muybridge’s Yosemite views, showing his fascination with rough, irregular surfaces, colossal forms, and apocalyptic landscapes.

“[T]hey are pronounced by all the best landscape painters and photographers in the city to be the most exquisite photographic views ever produced on this coast, and are marvelous examples of the perfection to which photography can attain in the delineation of sublime and beautiful scenery, as exemplified in our wonderful valley” – Muybridge on his Yosemite photographs.

This is a substantial portion of Muybridge’s photographs of the big trees. We offer 15 of the 25 stereographs in the series, which comprised numbers 1546 to 1570.

The collection comprises:

1546 – Grizzly Giant, 261 feet high, 94 feet in circumference
1549 – Washington, 272 feet high, 92 feet in circumference
1550 – Measuring Washington, 272 feet high, 92 feet in circumference
1551 – Jane L. Stanford, 244 feet high, 65 feet in circumference
1553 – A. N. Towne, and T. E. Sickles, (average) 252 feet high, 62 feet in cir.
1558 – The Forest Gate, 262 feet high, 87 feet in circumference
1560 – Grant, 250 feet high, 64 feet in circumference
1561 – Virginia and Maryland, 242 feet high, 71 feet in circumference
1562 – The Cavern, 240 feet high, 70 feet in circumference
1563 – Governor, 260 feet high, 82 feet in circumference
1564 – Queen of the Forest, 251 feet high, 65 feet in circumference
1566 – Commissioners, (average) 230 fete high, 25 feet in circumference
1567 – Sunlight and Shadow
1568 – Forest Giant, estimated to have been 400 feet high, 120 feet in cir.
1570 – A General Breakdown

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