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fine album with 80 tintype portraits of women

(WOMEN). Album containing 80 tintype portraits of women and girls

American, 1860s-1880s

80 tintypes, one fully painted, a few others with painted highlights. 19th-century brown leather album with diecut sheets housing the photographs. Color lithograph title page stating “album.” Very good condition overall.

This fascinating album contains 80 tintype portraits of women and girls, young and old. Some are dressed plainly, while others are in fine dresses, and at least one is in mourning attire. The photographs include head and shoulders, seated, and full-length standing portraits.

The album opens with a fine half plate tintype of a woman seated with her presumed husband, their two daughters standing behind them. The second photograph is an horizontal half plate tintype of two women seated in front of a large painted studio backdrop of a bridge or pier. Studio furniture, props, curtains, and backdrops may facilitate identification of photographers.

The collection comprises 80 portraits as follows:

3 whole plate tintypes (one hand painted), trimmed at left and right to fit the album
5 half plate tintypes (3 of them showing multiple sitters)
72 six plate tintypes

In addition the album contains two tintypes of men, one a painted whole plate and the other a half plate.

This extensive collection of portraits of women is a wonderful resource for the study of fashion, hairstyles, jewelry, and the history of portrait photography.