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  • Landmark Books

    Great Books of Western Civilization

  • American History

    From Washington to Lincoln: Founding Fathers, Civil War, the West, and Presidents

  • Literature

    From Shakespeare to Joyce: Landmark works of American, English, and world literature

  • History of Ideas

    From Aristotle to Adam Smith: philosophy, religion, economics &c.

  • Science & Medicine

    From Galileo to Einstein: Great books in astronomy, biology, physics &c.

  • World History & Exploration

    From Moses to Apollo 11: Great people and events in world history

  • Photographic Masterworks

    Classic photographs by Curtis, Brady, Watkins, Cameron &c.

  • Lincoln & Civil War

    Famous portraits and battlefield scenes by Brady, Gardner, and others

  • Portraits

    Important historical photographs of great men and women

  • American West

    Breathtaking views by Watkins, Jackson, Muybridge, and others

  • China, Far East & Middle East

    Superb images of China, the Far East, and the Middle East

  • Autographs & Manuscripts

    Letters and manuscripts by famous and important people of all eras