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China, Far East & Middle East
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  • (China ,Photography)

    Early Photography of China Collection: A highly important collection in development.. Various places, 1850s-1930s

    The most valuable collection of early China photography in private hands, the Early Photography of China Collection includes the greatest masterworks of China photography by the foremost photographers working in China in the nineteenth century and the first quarter of the 20th century. The collection has been assembled over the course of many years, and we continue to expand and refine it as worthy photographs and archives become available. This collection, unrivaled in quality and extent in private hands, provides a unique opportunity to own one of the greatest collections of Chinese photography extant. We are eager to acquire important China photographs, from individual objects to albums and collections. We invite you to contact us.

    Collection in development


    Photographs of the Holy Land comprising the following volumes: [I:] Sinai and Palestine; [II:] Lower Egypt, Thebes, and the Pyramids; [III:] Upper Egypt and Ethiopia.. London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh: William MacKenzie, [1862]

    A handsome set of Frith’s photographs. This edition’s gold-toned photographs are preferred over the earlier editions for their “stronger quality” (Gernsheim).


  • (ITALY.) Alinari.

    A Superb Collection of Photographs of Italy. Florence, 1867

    Magnificent photographs from masters of the genre. Fratelli Alinari, founded in Florence in 1852, is the world’s oldest photography firm.


  • (ISTANBUL.) Robertson ,James

    A collection of five early photographs of Constantinople.. Constantinople, c. 1853-1855.

    These fine views are among the earliest paper photographs of Constantinople.



    China Monumentis. illustrata.. Amsterdam: Jansson, 1667.

    FIRST EDITION. One of the grandest and most important works on China up to its time, Kircher’s China Illustrata (China, Illustrated Through Its Monuments, Both Sacred and Profane) inaugurated the late 17th-century age of European fascination with China.


  • (PERRY, MATTHEW CALBRAITH, Commodore.) Mathew Brady Studio

    Commodore Matthew C. Perry, three-quarter length portrait, in uniform, his left hand resting on his sword. New York: Mathew Brady Studio, c. 1854-58

    This is the splendid Perry Family hand-colored Imperial print of Mathew Brady’s portrait of Commodore Perry. Brady coined the term “imperial’ for his large photographic portraits intended to rival mezzotints and lithographs in size.



    The History Of The Great And Renowned Monarchy Of China. London: E. Tyler for John Crook, 1655

    FIRST EDITION IN ENGLISH OF THIS FAMOUS HISTORY OF CHINA. A splendid Jewish-American association copy from the library of Joseph Solomon Ottolenghe.



    Panoramic Photograph of Cairo.. Cairo, 1870s

    This splendid and unusually large panoramic photograph


  • (ISTANBUL.) Sebah & Joaillier.

    Panorama of Constantinople, Taken from the Galata Tower.. Istanbul: Sebah & Joaillier, c. 1880s

    This magnificent pair of panoramic photographs of Istanbul, measuring 11 ft. and 8 1⁄2 ft. respectively, provides sweeping views of the great buildings, monuments, and geographical features of the city.



    Collection of five items relating to the construction of the Suez Canal. Various places, 1855-1887

    The construction of the Suez Canal was one of the great engineering and commercial feats of the 19th century. In the 1850s Ferdinand de Lesseps obtained permission from the Viceroy of Egypt to construct a canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through the Isthmus of Suez. The work, which began in 1859, involved 1.5 million workers and claimed more than 100,000 lives. Finally, in November 1869, the Suez Canal officially opened. It reduced the journey from the Arabian Sea to London by more than 5000 miles.