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    The Federalist: A Collection of Essays Written in Favour of the New Constitution. New York: John and Andrew M’Lean, 1788

    First edition. This splendid example of The Federalist is one of a very small number of special deluxe copies printed on thick paper.




    Experiments and Observations on Electricity, Made at Philadelphia in America.. London: Printed for David Henry, and sold by Francis Newbery, 1769

    A very rare inscribed presentation copy of “the most important scientific book of eighteenth-century America” (PMM), inscribed by Benjamin Franklin: “To Mr. Livesy from his obliged Friend & humble Servant The Author.”



    Autograph letter signed to Samuel D. Porter. Rochester, April 16, 1861

    Frederick Douglass on the coming Civil War and the end of slavery. Douglass wrote this outstanding letter just three days after the fall of Fort Sumter. Douglass writes to his wealthy friend and neighbor Samuel Porter, a leading abolitionist in Rochester. He declares, “I am deeply exercised by what is going now in the country. Oh! that out of the present trouble and chaos might come the Slaves deliverance! The calamity of civil war can have no compensation short of this.”



    Autograph letter signed as President to Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas [with] American flag bunting from Lincoln’s box at Ford’s Theatre. Washington, Executive Mansion, May 27, 1861

    Abraham Lincoln, writing at the outset of the Civil War, recommends that the Army admit three volunteers from the highly divided city of Baltimore. He advises Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas, “I hate to reject any offered from what is called a Southern State.” [offered with] Bunting from the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre.

    two items: $275,000


    Ambrotype Portrait of John D. Rockefeller. Cleveland, Ohio: Wiliam C. North, c. 1857-1858

    This famous portrait of John D. Rockefeller at age 18 is the earliest known photograph of the greatest titan of American business and industry.


  • (APOLLO 11) Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin,and Michael Collins

    United States flag flown to the Moon on Apollo 11. NASA, July 16-24, 1969

    This American flag, flown to the Moon on Apollo 11, is one of the most sought-after relics of space exploration.



    A collection of more than 100 letters and documents. Virginia, 1796-1882

    The Randolphs were the most prominent and wealthiest family in 18th-century Virginia. Its members included Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Peyton Randolph, Edmund Randolph, and many others. The family’s prominence continued into the 19th century with Robert E. Lee and other notable politicians, military figures, and planters. This collection includes more than 100 letters and documents spanning nearly a century from one line of that family.



    A New American Atlas containing maps of the several states of the North American union … Projected and Drawn on a Uniform Scale …. Philadelphia: H. S. Tanner, 1823

    First edition of “the most distinguished atlas published in the United States during the engraving period” (Ristow). Tanner’s greatest work, A New American Atlas was painstakingly produced and issued in installments between 1818 and 1823. Few complete sets have survived. Tanner’s use of a uniform scale of 15 geographical miles to the inch and his careful selection of sources resulted in a comprehensive American atlas of unprecedented detail and reliability which was the standard by which American atlases were measured until the modern era. This was by a considerable margin the greatest American atlas up to its time.



    Flowers from My Garden. Sketched and Painted from Nature. [New York], [1864]

    FIRST EDITION, a unique pre-publication copy with 18 fine watercolors, the original art used as the basis for the lithographs in the published edition.



    Carey’s American Atlas. Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1795

    FIRST EDITION of the first true American atlas, the earliest atlas of the United States engraved and published in America. This important volume contains several important state maps including the first American map representing Virginia after statehood. In the preparation of this atlas, Carey drew primarily on existing sources including Guthrie’s Geography. Many of the maps were drawn by Samuel Lewis.