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  • Moore, N. A. and R. A.

    A collection of all six portraits of the last surviving veterans of the American Revolution. Hartford: Moore, 1864

    These is a complete collection of original carte de visite photographs of all six Revolutionary War veterans still surviving in 1864: William Hutchings (aged 100), Samuel Downing (aged 102), Daniel Waldo (aged 102), Adam Link (aged 102), Alexander Millener (aka Muroney) (aged 104), and Lemuel Cook (aged 105). A seventh man, James Barham, was believed to be alive but could not be located for the series.



    A Trip to the Moon. New York: F. M. Lupton, September 9, 1893

    Signed by Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on the moon. This classic of science fiction, turned into scientific fact by Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission, was first published as De la Terre à la Lune in 1865.



    The American Builder’s Companion; or, a new system of architecture particularly adapted to the present style of building in the United States of America. Boston: Etheridge and Bliss, 1806

    First edition of the second book by Asher Benjamin, America’s first great writer on architecture.



    Teletype covering the Normandy landings on D-Day. Associated Press, 5 and 6 June 1944

    First announcement of the D-Day landings, perhaps the most important event of the 20th century.



    Manuscript “Oration In Connection With Valedictory … Francis J. Grimké Charleston S. Carolina Delivered June 15th 1870.”. No place, 1870

    The life of Francis J. Grimké is one of the most compelling narratives in African American history. This is the only extant text of his otherwise unknown 1870 Valedictory Address.


  • (TREASURY.) Meredith, Samuel, Treasurer of the U.S

    A Collection of Three Reports on the Treasury’s Receipts and Expenditures. Philadelphia: Childs and Swaine, 1790-1793

    A collection of rare Treasury reports on the finances of the United States during its earliest years.



    3 items: $8,500


    Autograph note signed concerning her arrest, written on an annotated photocopy of a story clipped from the Louisville Times. Louisville, 1979

    Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks, the “mother of the freedom movement,” writes, “I hope this article from the Louisville Times answers your questions. I have no regrets for my action in this incident. I expected to be arrested when the bus driver said he would called [sic] the police. I did not know what would be the reaction of the community. Rosa L. Parks.”


  • (U.S. CAPITOL.) John Wood

    Marble column being carried on a cart to the Capitol. Washington, 1860

    This rare salt print shows a colossal marble column being carried to the Capitol during its construction. The enormous cart is being drawn by team of twelve or more horses.



    The Vermont State House. Vermont, [c. 1859]

    A fine salt print of the Vermont State House.



    A collection of newspapers with notices of stage performances featuring Poe’s parents. Boston, 1806-1809

    This collection documents the theatrical career of Edgar Allan Poe’s parents David and Eliza.