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iconic Wall Street images

(WALL STREET.). A collection of 3 Wall Street cartoons in The Daily Graphic

New York: The Daily Graphic, 19 July 1880, 1 March 1882, 27 June 1882

Three issues. Large folio (20 x 14 in.) Neatly removed from bindings. Fine condition.

These splendid front-page illustrations show the great bogeymen of Gilded Age Wall Street during the era of the robber barons.

A colossal octopus labeled Corporate Greed clutches enormous bales and crates, its tentacles labeled Central R.R. New Jersey, Pennsylvania Railroad, NY Lake Erie and Western R.R., etc. Standard Oil Co. appears as an menacing octopus while in the surrounding vignettes citizens hold their noses in reaction to the smells of an oil refinery.

The final cover depicts the bucolic scenes America’s “legitimate industries” ruined with a large black ink blot labeled Wall Street. In the ink blot a bull and a bear do battle above a broker with a tickertape machine and the words “calls,” straddles,” “privilege,” and “spreads ruin.”

The Daily Graphic was America’s first illustrated daily newspaper.

This wonderful trio of large front page cartoons is ideal for display.