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    A collection of 3 Wall Street cartoons in The Daily Graphic. New York: The Daily Graphic, 19 July 1880, 1 March 1882, 27 June 1882

    These splendid front-page illustrations show the great bogeymen of Gilded Age Wall Street during the era of the robber barons.



    United States Capitol. no publisher, c. 1870

    This dramatic photograph of the United States Capitol shows the building in the 1870s, after the completion of the new dome and the extensions.



    Washington Irving. Mr. Bryant’s address on his life and genius. Addresses by Everett, Bancroft, Longfellow, Felton, Aspinwall, King, Francis, Greene. Mr. Allibone’s sketch of his life and works. With eight photographs. New York: Putnam, 1860

    First edition. Presentation copy inscribed by the published to S. Austin Allibone, who contributed the sketch of Irving’s life and works. Allibone ewas a leading American editor, author, and bibliographer who is best known for his Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors. Other contributors include Longfellow, Bryant, Everett, and Bancroft.



    To the friends of the slave in the town of Smithfield. Peterboro, New York: [Smith], March 12, 1844

    A fiery antislavery broadside by one of the Secret Six.


  • Twain, Mark

    Roughing It. Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1872



    The Supreme Court. Washington, D.C.: Ed Clark, 1956

    Completed in 1935, the magnificent neoclassical Supreme Court Building features the motto “Equal Justice Under the Law” on the west facade. This splendid, enormous color photograph was taken by famed LIFE magazine photographer Ed Clark: “Black Church Leaders pray on the Supreme Court steps for integration to succeed” (Herrera, Frank, Ed Clark: Decades).



    Portrait Miniature of George and Martha Washington. American, 19th century


  • (TEXAS.)

    Texas Declaration of Independence in The Commonwealth. Frankfurt, Kentucky: Brown & Hodges, May 18, 1836

    “The Unanimous Declaration of Independence made by the People of Texas” appears in columns 2-3 of the front page of this rare western newspaper.



    A Compendious Exercise for the Garrison and Field Ordnance, as Practised in the United States. Washington City: Weightman, 1810

    FIRST EDITION of “the first official drill manual for either the American regular or militia artillery” (Graves). This manual constrains detailed instructions on procedures in firing and handling artillery and training soldiers in its use.



    Portrait of a runaway enslaved man titled “A Good Likeness of Sancho” in the Columbian Centinel. Boston: Columbian Centinel, 30 September 1807

    This is probably the earliest runaway slave advertisement to feature an accurate likeness of its subject.