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    Die Grundlage der allgemeinen Relativitaetstheorie. Leipzig: Barth, 1916

    First separate edition, first printing (i.e. with the Metzger & Wittig imprints). A spectacular inscribed copy signed by Einstein and further inscribed by Einstein with a long note concerning gravitation, electromagnetic theory, and quantum theory.



    Autograph letter signed to Samuel D. Porter. Rochester, April 16, 1861

    Frederick Douglass on the coming Civil War and the end of slavery. Douglass wrote this outstanding letter just three days after the fall of Fort Sumter. Douglass writes to his wealthy friend and neighbor Samuel Porter, a leading abolitionist in Rochester. He declares, “I am deeply exercised by what is going now in the country. Oh! that out of the present trouble and chaos might come the Slaves deliverance! The calamity of civil war can have no compensation short of this.”



    Autograph letter signed as President to Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas [with] American flag bunting from Lincoln’s box at Ford’s Theatre. Washington, Executive Mansion, May 27, 1861

    Abraham Lincoln, writing at the outset of the Civil War, recommends that the Army admit three volunteers from the highly divided city of Baltimore. He advises Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas, “I hate to reject any offered from what is called a Southern State.” [offered with] Bunting from the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre.

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    Map of Beijing, painted on silk. [China, Daoguang Period], (1820-1850)

    This splendid, enormous hand-painted map of Beijing shows and names the main streets, official residences of imperial family members, important buildings, temples, geographical features, fortifications and garrisons of the Forbidden, Imperial and Inner Cities.


  • (APOLLO 11) Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin,and Michael Collins

    United States flag flown to the Moon on Apollo 11. NASA, July 16-24, 1969

    This American flag, flown to the Moon on Apollo 11, is one of the most sought-after relics of space exploration.



    “Molecular structure of nucleic acids. A structure of deoxyribose nucleic acid.” Offprint from: Nature Vol. 171 (April 25, 1953). London, 1953

    FIRST EDITION, THE RARE OFFPRINT signed by James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Raymond Gosling.

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    A collection of more than 100 letters and documents. Virginia, 1796-1882

    The Randolphs were the most prominent and wealthiest family in 18th-century Virginia. Its members included Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, Peyton Randolph, Edmund Randolph, and many others. The family’s prominence continued into the 19th century with Robert E. Lee and other notable politicians, military figures, and planters. This collection includes more than 100 letters and documents spanning nearly a century from one line of that family.



    Apollo Lunar Module lithograph signed by all twelve men who have walked on the Moon, dozens of other astronauts, and scores of NASA and Grumman officials and other figures associated with the Apollo program.. [NASA and Grumman], ca. 1972.

    The spectacular color lithograph of the Apollo Lunar Module is surrounded by more than 300 signatures including the twelve men who have walked on the Moon, 25 additional Apollo astronauts, various political and aerospace leaders, and numerous Grumman and NASA engineers, officers, and other personnel.



    Autograph letter signed “Emily” to her neighbor Adelaide Spencer (Mrs. Henry) Hills. [Amherst. Massachusetts], [ca. 1883]

    The recipient of this letter, Adelaide Spencer Hills, with her husband Henry Francis Hills, summered in Amherst where they were neighbors of the Dickinsons. Adelaide frequently corresponded with Emily. This letter was published in the first edition of the Letters of Emily Dickinson (1894), edited by Mabel Loomis Todd. Todd, overlooking the paper’s 1881 watermark, suggested a date of February 1879. The Letters of Emily Dickinson (1958), edited by Johnson and Ward, gives the date as 1883.



    An important collection of 14 letters and documents, 13 of them signed by Astor. New York, 1802-1827

    John Jacob Astor, founder of the Astor business dynasty, was the first American multimillionaire. In his time he was “the richest and most powerful of American businessmen. He came to personify nineteenth-century American business leadership, and he became a favorite subject for both capitalism’s apologists and detractors” (Haeger).