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    Photograph signed by Carter and Begin. Robert A. Cumins, 1979

    Signed by Carter and Begin. Menachem Begin was awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize, together with Anwar Sadat, “for their work in laying a foundation for future peace” in the Middle East. The framework, reached at Camp David, was facilitated by Jimmy Carter. The Nobel award called Carter “the masterbuilder responsible for the bridge that had to be built between Egypt and Israel.”


  • (CIVIL WAR.) Boucher, James H. Medical Director’s Office, 17th Army Corps

    [Manuscript] Circular. During and after an engagement …. Lake Providence, La., March 14, 1863

    This remarkable document provides detailed instructions for the medical officers of XVII Corps. The corps was organized in December 1862 as part of U.S. Grant’s Army of the Tennessee. It formed the center of Grant’s forces in the siege of Vicksburg, which was taken on July 4, 1863.


  • (MAGRITTE, RENÉ.) Mesens, E. L. T

    Troisième front poèmes de guerre suivi de pièces detachés. Third front & detached pieces. London Gallery Editions, 1944

    FIRST EDITION. Copy number 18 of 500 signed and numbered by Mesens. Inscribed to René Magritte and his wife: “A Georgette Magritte A René Magritte, l’exemplaire réservé pour lui, sa Femme, Noukels et Barfoot, depuis 1944. E. M.”


  • (WEST END THEATRE.) Woolley, Kim

    Collection of six original views of “Strand Theatre at Work” signed by the artist. London, 1984

    These delightful views depict scenes at the Strand Theatre (now the Novello Theatre) in London’s West End. They range from views of the boxes and theater-goers to the box office to backstage scenes. The box office advertises the original production of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, which ran at the Strand from 1982 to 1985.



    Typed letter signed to Anthony Peek, manager of the Theatre Royal Haymarket.. London, July 24, 1985

    Harold Pinter complains about policies at Theatre Royal Haymarket.



    “To the Sun-Set Breeze” original printer’s proof, signed [with] Autograph letter signed by Whitman to his sister. Camden, [1890]; 29 June 1891

    This rare proof sheet is the first edition of “To the Sun-Set Breeze.” Boldly signed by Whitman. In line 8, Whitman himself has corrected the spelling of the word “Elements.” In another variant the correction is made in type. This printing presumably precedes the book and magazine appearances. The poem appeared in the Deathbed Edition of Leaves of Grass (1892).

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    Theater financial ledgers of Sam Harris, renowned Broadway producer. New York, 1924-1934

    This massive manuscript ledger charts the fortunes of the shows of Sam Harris, the famed Broadway producer and theater owner, from 1924 through 1934.

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    Collection of eight autograph letters signed to Paul Hamilton Hayne. Cambridge, 1872-1880

    This is a fine series of letter from Longfellow, the most celebrated and popular poet in America, and Paul Hamilton Hayne, the most famous southern poet of his era. In the first letter Longfellow tells Haynes that the promised volume of poems has not reached him. He assures the South Carolina poet that “this is of no great consequence, as you know already my opinion of your writings.”

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    “By the Pond” autograph manuscript. No place, August 22, 1877

    Whitman reflects rapturously on his time alone by a remote pond. Dipping his pen in the brook, he looks around and marvels, “nothing could be more primitive, secluded, naturally free, cool, luxuriant than the scene I am in the midst of.”

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