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    Photograph signed. Photographer unidentified, c. 1870s

    Sherman is most famous for the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, the first major federal action to curb the power of the great monopolies.


  • (SPACE)

    Rendezvous of Gemini 6 and 7, signed by Thomas Stafford and Wally Schirra. NASA, 1965

    This spectacular mammoth photograph shows the first manned space rendezvous, as GEMINI 6 goes nose to nose with GEMINI 7, the Earth in the lower right. Signed and inscribed by Mission Pilot Thomas Stafford (“First rendezvous / Gemini 6+7 / Dec 1965 / Tom Stafford, Plt.”) and signed by Command Pilot Wally Schirra (“Wally Schirra Cdr.”).



    Photograph signed by Carter and Begin. Robert A. Cumins, 1979

    Signed by Carter and Begin. Menachem Begin was awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize, together with Anwar Sadat, “for their work in laying a foundation for future peace” in the Middle East. The framework, reached at Camp David, was facilitated by Jimmy Carter. The Nobel award called Carter “the masterbuilder responsible for the bridge that had to be built between Egypt and Israel.”


  • (MAGRITTE, RENÉ.) Mesens, E. L. T

    Troisième front poèmes de guerre suivi de pièces detachés. Third front & detached pieces. London Gallery Editions, 1944

    FIRST EDITION. Copy number 18 of 500 signed and numbered by Mesens. Inscribed to René Magritte and his wife: “A Georgette Magritte A René Magritte, l’exemplaire réservé pour lui, sa Femme, Noukels et Barfoot, depuis 1944. E. M.”


  • Lowell, James Russell

    Autograph manuscript signed, “An Apology for a Preface.”. Westminster, ca. 1888


  • (WEST END THEATRE.) Woolley, Kim

    Collection of six original views of “Strand Theatre at Work” signed by the artist. London, 1984

    These delightful views depict scenes at the Strand Theatre (now the Novello Theatre) in London’s West End. They range from views of the boxes and theater-goers to the box office to backstage scenes. The box office advertises the original production of Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing, which ran at the Strand from 1982 to 1985.


  • Holmes, Oliver Wendell

    Autograph manuscript signed, “To John Greenleaf Whittier [on his Eightieth Birthday].”. No Place, 17 December 1887


  • Lowell, James Russell

    Autograph Letter Signed With Initials to John Sullivan Dwight. Elmwood, 16 July 1845



    A Vanished World. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1983

    First edition. Signed and inscribed by Roman Vishniac: “It should not happen again Roman [and] Edith Vishniac 1985.”

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    The Revolt. London: W. H. Allen, [1951]

    First edition in English. Inscribed and signed by Begin in 1979 to Victor Ross (1920- 2021), chairman of Reader’s Digest in Europe.

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