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American West
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    The Original Big Tree, 32 feet diameter. Charles Weed, 1864

    Mammoth albumen print (15 ½ x 20 in.), mounted.



    Original glass plate interpositive prepared by Curtis for the printing of The North American Indian. Curtis, 1924

    This is a splendid original glass plate made for Edward Curtis’s The North American Indian, the greatest photographic work on Native Americans. Curtis, one of the greatest American artists of his era, was the most celebrated photographer of North American Indians.



    Collection of Ten Photographs from Mooney’s Pioneering Investigations of the Ghost Dance and Other Native American Circle Dances. Various places, c. 1892-93

    The rare and important collection documents the famous Ghost Dance and related circle dances soon after Wounded Knee. The collection testifies to the tragic demise of the Native American spiritual and cultural practices during the tumultuous Ghost Dance period. These photographs were taken by James Mooney (1861-1921), an anthropologist with the Bureau of American Ethnology. He left Washington in late 1890 to investigate the potentially incendiary Ghost Dance movement. Mooney’s rare portrait of Wovoka is one highlight of the collection. Mooney’s Ghost Dance photographs are of the greatest rarity in the market. We can trace no others having appeared for sale.



    Great Salt Lake City, Wasatch Mts. Salt Lake City, 1869

    This is a splendid print of this classic Jackson view of Salt Lake City.


  • (WATKINS, TABER &c.)

    An album of 32 photographs of Yosemite and the American West. Various places, c. 1890s

    This beautiful album contains many splendid views of the scenic wonders of Yosemite. Subjects include the many magnificent falls, the Mariposa Grove of sequoias, and the great geological formations. At least two of the views in this collection were taken by Carleton Watkins. Those for which attribution to Watkins has been confirmed are singled out below, but this collection merits further investigation to identify Watkins photographs.



    Stumbling Bear, Kiowa Chief. Fort Sill, Indian Territory, c. 1869-74

    Photographer Will Soule arrived at Fort Sill in Indian Territory in late 1869 or early 1870. Fort Sill was then a military headquarters and agency for several Indian tribes, including the Kiowa.  Before returning to Boston in 1874, Soule made an important series of Native American portraits, including this charismatic image of Chief Stumbling Bear.



    Opening day of the Suez Canal. Port Said , Nov. 16, 1869

    This photograph depicts the harbor and canal on the day of the opening of the Suez Canal, the “greatest engineering feat of the nineteenth century” (Smith). “Clearly, the canal’s opening festivities placed Egypt in a new way on the European cultural map” (Haddad, “Digging to India: Modernity, Imperialism, and the Suez Canal”).



    Two rare large format photographs from Across the Continent on the Union Pacific Railway, E. D.. Washington: Gardner, 1867-1868

    “Gardner’s western railroad series is the earliest, largest, and most diverse photographic documentation across the West” (Charlton, “Westward, the Course of Empire Takes Its Way,” Kansas History, Summer 1997).

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    Sentinel Rock, 3270 Feet High. San Francisco, 1864

    This spectacular view shows Sentinel Rock towering above a rider on horseback in a well-lit clearing.

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  • (OKLAHOMA LAND RUN) William S. Prettyman

    Waiting for land run at Purcell, Indian Territory, 1889. Guthrie, Ind. Terr., Mitchell & DeGroff, c. 1889

    The great Oklahoma Land Run. In March 1889 President Benjamin Harrison signed the act making two million acres of federal land in Indian Territory available to homesteaders. Some, known as “sooners,” moved in early to stake their claims, but tens of thousands gathered to race to claim their 160-acre homesteads on the appointed day, April 22, 1889. Purcell drew one of the largest groups of contestants. This wonderful photograph shows a crowded street in Purcell at that eventful time.

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