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Lincoln & Civil War
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    Autograph letter signed as President to Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas [with] American flag bunting from Lincoln’s box at Ford’s Theatre. Washington, Executive Mansion, May 27, 1861

    Abraham Lincoln, writing at the outset of the Civil War, recommends that the Army admit three volunteers from the highly divided city of Baltimore. He advises Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas, “I hate to reject any offered from what is called a Southern State.” [offered with] Bunting from the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre.

    two items: $275,000


    Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War. Washington, D.C.: Philp and Solomons, [1865-66]

    FIRST EDITION, FIRST ISSUE of the most famous photographically illustrated American book of the nineteenth century.


  • (LINCOLN, ABRAHAM.) Alexander Gardner.

    Portrait of Abraham Lincoln with his son Tad. Washington, February 5, 1865

    Perhaps the most delightful of the Lincoln family photographs, this portrait shows an impish Tad leaning on a table as his seemingly bemused father sits on Gardner’s studio chair. Thomas “Tad” Lincoln was the youngest of the Lincoln boys.


  • (GRANT, U.S.) Mathew Brady

    Ulysses S. Grant. Washington, c. 1865


  • (GARDNER, ALEXANDER.) Gardner, O'Sullivan, Barnard, and others

    A fine collection of 7 classic Civil War photographs from Gardner’s Sketch Book. Washington: Gardner, [1865-66]

    A splendid collection of Gardner prints.


  • (STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER.) John A. Whipple

    Harriet Beecher Stowe. Boston, 1853

    This is a fine salt print portrait of Harriet Beecher Stowe by John A. Whipple, a leading early American portrait photographer.


  • (LINCOLN, ABRAHAM.) Alexander Gardner

    Abraham Lincoln. Washington, November 8, 1863

    This famous “Gettysburg portrait,” with Lincoln looking directly into the camera, was made just days before he delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863.



    Civil War carte-de-visite album featuring many signed CDVs. Mathew Brady and others, 1860s

    This important Civil War album includes carte-de-visite photographs signed by the following Civil War notables: Winfield Scott (signed on verso), Joseph Hooker, George McClellan, Fitz John Porter, Louis Philippe, comte de Paris, Robert d’Orleans, Duke of Chartres, Robert Anderson, William Seward, Gideon Welles, Simon Cameron, Montgomery Blair.



    Important Pair of Daguerreotypes: Black Caregiver with White Baby and the Child’s Parents. Talbot County, Maryland or Texas, c. 1853

    This striking pair of daguerreotypes evokes the complex relationships between enslaved people and their enslavers in the American South, especially between white families and the trusted women who cared for their children.

    the pair: $18,500


    Anthony Berger. Abraham Lincoln, seated portrait.. Washington: Mathew Brady Gallery, 9 February 1864

    The classic Brady $5 bill photograph. This celebrated portrait, the basis for the five-dollar bill engraving used for most of the 20th century, is one of seven poses taken by Anthony Berger at Mathew Brady’s Washington, D. C. studio on February 9, 1864. The most prolific photographer of Lincoln, Brady himself did not actually operate his cameras during the war years, instead training and employing men like Alexander Gardner and his successor Anthony Berger, who took this picture, to operate the camera.