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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

(Kahlo, Frida and Rivera, Diego.) Sternberger, Marcel. Portrait of Artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Mexico City, 1952, printed 2017

Gelatin silver print (20 x 30 in.). Archivally framed. Estate Edition, a limited edition of 10 copies, embossed and numbered.

While in this picture it is Frida’s eyes that gaze lovingly up at Diego, Marcel and Ilse Sternberger’s records paint a picture of another day that contrasted perfectly. Ilse recounted,

“Suddenly [Frida] admitted to being tired, and Rivera carried her upstairs to her four-poster bed – in which she did a lot of her painting, with the canvas affixed above her. “Frida will not come with us to the party,” he said when he returned. “She has much pain today [sic].”

Ilse wondered aloud if it wouldn’t be better to cancel al- together. “Oh no, no – we must go!” Diego insisted. I will just tell (sic) good-bye to Frida…” and he walked heavily up the stairs again.

Ilse recalled, “We waited – five minutes, ten… ‘I’ll see what’s keeping Diego,’ [Ilse] said, and followed him. The door to Frida’s bedroom was open, and [Ilse] saw Rivera kneeling beside her bed, his large head in her lap. She put her hand lightly on his hair, and he took it and kissed it, with reverence.”