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fabulous Civil War CDV album with signed portraits

(CIVIL WAR). Civil War carte-de-visite album featuring many signed CDVs

Mathew Brady and others, 1860s

Contemporary half brown embossed leather, some wear, original clasps. Approx. 60 CDV portraits, about half albumen prints and the remainder engravings, presented in diecut windows (a few tears), two per page.

This important Civil War album includes carte-de-visite photographs signed by the following Union Army officers: Winfield Scott,  Robert Anderson (commander at Fort Sumter), Joseph Hooker, George McClellan, Fitz John Porter, and the French royal brothers who volunteered for the cause,  Louis Philippe, comte de Paris, Robert d’Orleans, Duke of Chartres.

The album includes an outstanding run of signed signed portraits of key members of Lincoln’s cabinet: William Seward, Gideon Welles, Simon Cameron, and Montgomery Blair. The influential owner of the album, William Tilden Blodgett (see Provenance below), was well-positioned to obtain signed portraits from these leading men.

Unsigned CDVs include Ambrose Burnside, David Farragut, Salmon Chase,
Edwin Stanton, and many others. The portraits in the album are by Mathew Brady and other leading photographers of the Civil War.

Provenance: William Tilden Blodgett (1823-1875). One of the leading New Yorkers of his day, Blodgett was co-founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and helped to found the American Museum of Natural History. A wealthy industrialist and ardent abolitionist and reformer, he was a charter member the Union League Club and a financial backer of the Union cause. Blodgett was acquainted with many of the leading men of the day.

1 George Washington albumen reproduction of painting
2 Winfield Scott albumen, signed (8th Nov 1861)
3 Gen. Ambrose Burnside albumen
4 Joseph Hooker engraving, signed
5 George McClellan albumen (from an engraving?), signed
6 William Rosecrans albumen reproduction
7 Gen. Henry Halleck albumen
8 Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks engraving
9 Edwin Sumner engraving
10 Gen. Erasmus Keyes engraving
11 Fitz John Porter albumen, signed
12 Philip Kearny engraving
13 Gen. Samuel Heintzelman engraving
14 Gen. Franz Sigel engraving
15 Gen. Grant engraving
16 Gen. John Sedgwick albumen, signed
17 Gen. Benjamin Butler engraving
18 Joseph Kirkland albumen, signed
19 Louis Philippe D’Orleans albumen, signed
20 Robert d’Orleans albumen, signed
21 Unidentified engraving
22 Unidentified engraving
23 Maj. Gen. David Hunter engraving
24 Gen. Joseph Mansfield engraving
25 Gen. W.T. Sherman engraving
26 Gen. Samuel R. Curtis engraving
27 Gen. John Pope engraving
28 Gen. Don Carlos Buell albumen
29 Gen. Frederick W. Lander albumen
30 Unidentified engraving
31 Gen John A. McClernand albumen
32 Unidentified engraving
33 Robert Anderson albumen, signed
34 Gen. Alexander McDowell McCook engraving
35 Jesse Lee Reno engraving
36 Gen. James Shields engraving
37 Gen. Nathaniel Lyon engraving
38 Gen. John E Wool albumen, signed
39 Jesse Lee Reno albumen
40 Charles Francis Adams albumen
41 David Farragut albumen
42 Andrew Johnson albumen
43 Unidentified albumen
44 William Seward, signed
45 Salmon Chase albumen, signed on verso
46 Edwin Stanton signed
47 Gideon Welles albumen, signed
48 Simon Cameron albumen, signed
49 Montgomery Blair albumen, signed
50 Unidentified albumen
51 Samuel Francis DuPont engraving
52 Com. Andrew Hull Foote engraving
53 Lieut. John L. Worden engraving
54 Com. David Dixon Porter engraving
55 Com. Charles Wilkes engraving
56 Com. Charles Henry Davis engraving
57 Com. Silas H. Stringham engraving
58 Unidentified engraving
59 Jefferson Davis engraving
60 Robert E. Lee (young) engraving
61 Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard engraving
62 Albert Sidney Johnston engraving
63 Stonewall Jackson (young) engraving
64 Braxton Bragg engraving
65 Unidentified engraving
66 Sterling Price engraving
67 John Hunt Morgan engraving