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  • (Roosevelt, Franklin Delano) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Basis for the U.S. Dime. Washington, 1939, printed 2017

    This photograph was the basis for FDR’s bust on the face of the American dime, first minted in 1946.

    $900 unframed; framed: $1,300

  • (Shaw, George Bernard.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of George Bernard Shaw. London, 1938, printed 2017

    Shaw is pictured in three-quarter view with artful shadow play down the right side of his face. Sternberger was a ‘master of light and shadow’ according to contemporary museum directors.

    $900 unframed; framed: $1,300

  • (Nehru, Jawaharlal.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. New York, 1949, printed 2017

    Sternberger presents a careful composition in this portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru. The crisp white Khaddar cap and dark shadows offset each other. This photograph was used as Nehru’s official government portrait in India and could be found in every school, government office, and embassy worldwide. It continues to provide the cover for Nehru’s seminal Glimpses of World History, a collection of letters about the history of humankind written from prison.

    $900 unframed; framed: $1,300

  • (Buck, Pearl S.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of Author Pearl S. Buck. New York, 1948, printed 2017

    Buck won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938 for “notable works which pave the way to a human sympathy passing over widely separated racial boundaries and for the studies of human ideals which are a great and living art.”

    $900 unframed; framed: $1,300

  • (CHARLTON, LEWIS.) W. J. Chapman

    “Lewis Charlton, 50 Years in Bondage in Maryland, U.S.A., and for 28 Years Suffered the Worst Effects of Slavery”. Dawlish, England, ca. 1884

    Lewis Charlton, born into slavery in Maryland in 1814, was crippled as a toddler due to his owner’s actions. He told the horrific story of his childhood in Sketch of the Life of Mr. Lewis Charlton, and Reminiscences of Slavery. After the Civil War Charlton, who was illiterate, traveled to Baltimore and then Boston to raise funds for a school for Black children. He secured $1000 and a teacher and established the first school for Black children in Westminster, Maryland.



    The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sternberger’s Revelations in Photography. Foreword by Phillip Prodger.. New York: Skira Rizzoli, 2016

    First edition, one of 100 copies of the Deluxe Estate Edition, signed and numbered by the author and accompanied by your choice of one of four 8 x 10 inch archival pigment photographs (Einstein, Freud, Shaw, or Kahlo).


  • (CIVIL WAR, ROBERT E. LEE.) D. A. Anderson & G. G. Johnson, photographers

    Robert E. Lee and other Confederate Generals at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia. Virginia, 1869

    Robert E. Lee poses with his generals four years after the war’s end. Lee sat for this famous group outdoor portrait in August 1869 while on his third trip to the healing waters of White Sulphur in West Virginia. The luminaries in the portrait include standing (l. to r.): Confederate generals Martin W. Gary, John Bankhead Magruder, Robert D. Lilley, P. G. T. Beauregard, A. R. Lawton, Henry A. Wise, and Joseph L. Brent; seated (l. to r.): Edouard Blacque Bey (first Ottoman envoy to the U.S.), Robert E. Lee, George Peabody and W. W. Corcoran (philanthropists), and James Lyons (Richmond lawyer).

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  • (CIVIL WAR.) George S. Cook

    Officers of Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina: George S. Cook, February 8, 1861

    This famous group portrait represents the start of the Civil War.

    Not for sale: $

  • (SEWARD, WILLIAM.) Mathew Brady Studio

    William Seward. New York and Washington: Brady Studio, c. 1860

    This is a stunning profile bust Imperial portrait of Seward by Mathew Brady.

    Offered as part of the "Team of Rivals" collection, offered for sale en bloc only

  • (FESSENDEN, WILLIAM PITT.) Mathew Brady Studio

    William Pitt Fessenden. New York and Washington: Brady Studio, c. 1860

    This is a fine standing Brady Imperial portrait of a leading figure of Civil War politics.

    Offered as part of the "Team of Rivals" collection, for sale en bloc only