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  • (Einstein, Albert and Ilse Sternberger.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of Albert Einstein and Ilse Sternberger. Princeton, New Jersey, 1950, printed 2017

    This photograph shows a reunion of friends. The Sternbergers and Einstein had known one another in Europe and met again in Princeton. Ilse was Sternberger’s wife, collaborator, and perennial foil. She was a constant source of warmth during sometimes-contentious sittings. She also helped document their life, publishing several articles on Sternberger’s work and their sessions with famous sitters after his death.

    $2500 unframed; framed: $3,000

  • (MONROE, MARILYN). Clark, Ed

    Portrait of Marilyn Monroe.. Ed Clark, 1950

    Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe at the beginning of her career. Signed by the photographer in silver ink.



    Photograph signed. Photographer unidentified, c. 1870s

    Sherman is most famous for the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890, the first major federal action to curb the power of the great monopolies.


  • (FARADAY, MICHAEL.) Maguire, Thomas Herbert

    Michael Faraday. Ipswich, [1851]

    This is a rare early state or proof copy of this lovely portrait of Michael Faraday, the greatest figure in the history of elecromagnetism.


  • (SPACE)

    Rendezvous of Gemini 6 and 7, signed by Thomas Stafford and Wally Schirra. NASA, 1965

    This spectacular mammoth photograph shows the first manned space rendezvous, as GEMINI 6 goes nose to nose with GEMINI 7, the Earth in the lower right. Signed and inscribed by Mission Pilot Thomas Stafford (“First rendezvous / Gemini 6+7 / Dec 1965 / Tom Stafford, Plt.”) and signed by Command Pilot Wally Schirra (“Wally Schirra Cdr.”).



    Two photographs: Kutub Minar & Great Arch. Delhi, c. 1866. [and] Great Arch and Iron Pillar. Delhi, 1866

    This is a splendid pair of Samuel Bourne views of the Qutb complex in Delhi.


  • (MADONNA.) Eric Kroll

    Madonna backstage at the Danceteria. New York: Eric Kroll, 1982

    Signed and numbered 3/10 and with Kroll’s inkstamp dated 1982.

    This photograph shows Madonna backstage at the legendary Danceteria in New York in 1982, at the dawn of her career


  • (KENNEDY, JOHN F.) Clark, Edward

    Senator John Kennedy with his baby daughter Caroline. Georgetown, 1958

    Signed and inscribed by Edward Clark. Clark was one of the leading American magazine photographers of the twentieth century.



    Washington Irving. Mr. Bryant’s address on his life and genius. Addresses by Everett, Bancroft, Longfellow, Felton, Aspinwall, King, Francis, Greene. Mr. Allibone’s sketch of his life and works. With eight photographs. New York: Putnam, 1860

    First edition. Presentation copy inscribed by the published to S. Austin Allibone, who contributed the sketch of Irving’s life and works. Allibone ewas a leading American editor, author, and bibliographer who is best known for his Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors. Other contributors include Longfellow, Bryant, Everett, and Bancroft.



    United States Capitol. no publisher, c. 1870

    This dramatic photograph of the United States Capitol shows the building in the 1870s, after the completion of the new dome and the extensions.