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  • (KENNEDY, JOHN F.) Clark, Edward

    Senator John Kennedy with his baby daughter Caroline. Georgetown, 1958

    Signed and inscribed by Edward Clark. Clark was one of the leading American magazine photographers of the twentieth century.



    Portrait Miniature of George and Martha Washington. American, 19th century



    Photograph signed by Carter and Begin. Robert A. Cumins, 1979

    Signed by Carter and Begin. Menachem Begin was awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize, together with Anwar Sadat, “for their work in laying a foundation for future peace” in the Middle East. The framework, reached at Camp David, was facilitated by Jimmy Carter. The Nobel award called Carter “the masterbuilder responsible for the bridge that had to be built between Egypt and Israel.”


  • (DARWIN, CHARLES.) Cameron, Julia Margaret

    Charles Darwin. London, London, [1893]

    THE GREAT DARWIN PORTRAIT, Julia Margaret Cameron’s 1868 portrait of Darwin is probably the most famous photograph of a 19th-century scientist. Darwin remarked, “I like this photograph much better than any other which has been taken of me.”


  • (Kahlo, Frida.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of Frida Kahlo. Sternberger, Mexico City, 1952, printed 2017

    This is a splendid 16 x 20 in. print of a recently rediscovered photograph of Frida Kahlo taken in Mexico City in 1952. Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera had become intimate friends of photographer Marcel Sternberger and his wife Ilse by that time. The couple held Sternberger’s work in such high regard that Rivera said it was “the first time [I’ve] seen the real me” and above his bed in Kahlo’s lifelong house La Caza Azul hangs a portrait of Frida by Sternberger.

    framed price: $1,525


    The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sternberger’s Revelations in Photography. Foreword by Phillip Prodger.. New York: Skira Rizzoli, 2016

    First edition, one of 100 copies of the Deluxe Estate Edition, signed and numbered by the author and accompanied by your choice of one of four 8 x 10 inch archival pigment photographs (Einstein, Freud, Shaw, or Kahlo).


  • (BALDWIN, JAMES.) Barboza, Anthony

    James Baldwin. New York, 1975

    This powerful portrait captures the pensive nature of the famous writer and civil rights activist James  Baldwin.


  • (CHASE, SALMON P.) Mathew Brady Studio

    Salmon P. Chase. New York and Washington: Brady Studio, c. 1860

    This is a fine Mathew Brady portrait of a giant in American financial history.

    This photograph is offered as part of the "Team of Rivals" collection, for sale en bloc only

  • (SEWARD, WILLIAM.) Mathew Brady Studio

    William Seward. New York and Washington: Brady Studio, c. 1860

    This is a stunning profile bust Imperial portrait of Seward by Mathew Brady.

    Offered as part of the "Team of Rivals" collection, offered for sale en bloc only

  • (STANTON, EDWIN.) Mathew Brady Studio

    Edwin Stanton. New York and Washington: Brady Studio, c. 1860

    This is a fine Brady Imperial portrait of Edwin Stanton, one of the central figures of the Civil War.

    Offered as part of the "Team of Rivals" collection, for sale en bloc only