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    Signed photograph of Watson and Crick with their three-dimensional model of the double-helix DNA molecule. Anthony Barrington, 1953, printed later

    Signed by Watson and Crick in the white lower margin. The discovery of the structure of DNA was the cornerstone event in modern genetics and biology and one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time.



    Collection of eight autograph letters signed to Paul Hamilton Hayne. Cambridge, 1872-1880

    This is a fine series of letter from Longfellow, the most celebrated and popular poet in America, and Paul Hamilton Hayne, the most famous southern poet of his era. In the first letter Longfellow tells Haynes that the promised volume of poems has not reached him. He assures the South Carolina poet that “this is of no great consequence, as you know already my opinion of your writings.”



    Theater financial ledgers of Sam Harris, renowned Broadway producer. New York, 1924-1934

    This massive manuscript ledger charts the fortunes of the shows of Sam Harris, the famed Broadway producer and theater owner, from 1924 through 1934.


  • Lowell, James Russell

    Autograph manuscript “On a Certain Condescension in Foreigners.”. No Place, ca. 1869


  • (HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL.) Pulsifer, David

    Inscriptions from the Burying-Grounds in Salem, Massachusetts. Boston: James Loring, 1837



    Autograph manuscript signed “Walt Whitman on the Poets.”. No place, [1885]

    In this fascinating manuscript Whitman provides a newspaper with an article defending himself against attacks that he did not respect the great American poets of the day.


  • (WHITMAN, WALT.) Napoleon Sarony

    Bust portrait of Whitman wearing a hat. New York, 1878

    Boldly signed and dated 1879 by Whitman. Whitman observed of this delightful portrait, “It is one of my good-humored pictures. … This is strong enough to be right and gentle enough to be right, too: I like to be both: I wouldn’t like people to say ‘he is a giant’ and then forget I know how to love.”



    A Republic, If You Can Keep It. New York: New York Times, (1972)

    FIRST EDITION. Presentation copy inscribed by Warren: “For Justice Arthur J. Goldberg, dear friend and colleague whose life has been dedicated to keeping the United States, the Republic the founding fathers envisioned. With affectionate regards. Earl Warren 5/4/72.”



    Original drawing of Walt Whitman. no date, no place, 19th century

    This original pen and ink drawing of Walt Whitman is mounted at the front of an 1888 edition of Leaves of Grass. The likeness of a jaunty, casual, Whitman wearing his trademark slouch hat takes its cue from the famous 1855 Hollyer engraving, but here we see an older Whitman with a full beard.



    The Double Helix. In Atlantic Monthly. Boston, January and February 1968

    FIRST EDITION of The Double Helix, preceding the publication in book form in late February 1968. Signed by James Watson on the front cover of each issue.