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    Poems … selected and edited by William Michael Rossetti. London: John Camden Hotten, 1868

    FIRST ENGLISH EDITION of Whitman’s poems.


  • (WHITMAN, WALT.) Hartmann, Sadakichi

    Conversations with Walt Whitman. Written in 1894. New York: Coby, 1895

    FIRST EDITION. After reading Leaves of Grass, 17-year-old Sadakichi Hartmann sought out and befriended Walt Whitman, who became a mentor. This volume recounts their conversations. The poet declared, “I have more hopes of him, more faith in him than any of the boys.”



    “Plancks Gesetz und Lichtquantenhypothese” in Zeitschrift fuer Physik, vol. 25-26. Braunschweig and Berlin, 1924

    “With their work Bose and Einstein established the field of quantum statistics one year before the appearance of quantum mechanics” (Brandt, The Harvest of a Century)



    Specimen Days & Collect. Philadelphia: David McKay, 1882-'83

    FIRST EDITION, second printing, first issue. Thomas Harned’s copy, with his bookplate. Whitman’s friend Harned was one of the poet’s literary executors, alog with Horace Traubel and Richard B. Bucke.



    Walt Whitman … to which is added English Critics on Walt Whitman edited by Edward Dowden. Glasgow: Wilson and McCormick, 1884

    FIRST EDITION, first British issue, comprising the American sheets (1883) plus a new section (pp. 237-255), Dowden’s work on the English critics of Whitman.



    The Importance of Being Earnest: Collection of 11 photographs of the Theatre Royal Haymarket production. Angus McBean, photographer, 1968

    This West End revival of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest opened on February 8, 1968 and ran for 283 performances at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. The production starred Isabel Jeans, Daniel Massey, Helen Weir, and John Standing, among others.


  • Lowell, James Russell

    Class Poem. Cambridge: Metcalf, Torry, and Ballou, 1838



    Space Flight … When? [and] Space Flight. Westwood, New Jersey, 1946

    This rare fanzine was printed in tiny numbers. We have found traces of the 1946 number on the Internet, but the 1947 number appears to be even more rare. Each number publishes the result of the author’s survey of science fiction writers, editors, and aficionados concerning the likelihood of space travel for humans.

    two volumes: $750


    OLD PLAYS; being a continuation of Dodsley’s collection, with notes, critical and explanatory. London: Rodwell and Martin, 1816

    Contains the following:  Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus and Lust’s Dominion; John Lyly, Mother Bombie, Endymion, and Midas; Middleton, Women Beware Women, A Trick to Catch the Old One, The Spanish Gypsy, The Changeling, More Dissemblers Besides Women; Dekker, Wonder of a Kingdom, Old Fortunatus; Rowley, A New Wonder, a Woman Never Vext; Webster, Appius and Virginia; Chapman, May Day, Monsieur D’Olive, Bussy D’Ambois; Webster and Rowley, Thracian Wonder; Marston’s Antonio and Mellida, What you Will, and Parasitaster: or, the Fawn; Heywood, The English Traveller, The Royal King and Loyal Subject, A Challenge for Beauty.  According to the title-page, this is a continuation of Dodsley’s Collection of Old Plays (1744).



    Chinese Currency. Shanghai: Presbyterian Mission Press, 1901

    FIRST EDITION of this standard work on the history of Chinese currency. Edkins was a British Sinologist and Protestant missionary who spent 57 years in China, 30 of them in Beijing.