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    “Plancks Gesetz und Lichtquantenhypothese” in Zeitschrift fuer Physik, vol. 25-26. Braunschweig and Berlin, 1924

    “With their work Bose and Einstein established the field of quantum statistics one year before the appearance of quantum mechanics” (Brandt, The Harvest of a Century)



    Specimen Days & Collect. Philadelphia: David McKay, 1882-'83

    FIRST EDITION, second printing, first issue. Thomas Harned’s copy, with his bookplate. Whitman’s friend Harned was one of the poet’s literary executors, alog with Horace Traubel and Richard B. Bucke.



    Walt Whitman … to which is added English Critics on Walt Whitman edited by Edward Dowden. Glasgow: Wilson and McCormick, 1884

    FIRST EDITION, first British issue, comprising the American sheets (1883) plus a new section (pp. 237-255), Dowden’s work on the English critics of Whitman.



    Leaves of Grass. Philadelphia: David McKay, n.d. [c. 1892]

    A rare survival in original wrappers. This is an undated printing of McKay’s “Deathbed Edition,” complete with the full text extended to p. 438 and including the Hollyer portrait of Whitman at p. 28.



    An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans called Africans. New York: Taylor, 1836

    SECOND EDITION of Child’s Appeal, the landmark in American abolitionist literature.



    Parody of “The Raven” in The Dollar Newspaper. Philadelphia: Holden, June 21, 1848

    This oversized newspaper contains, in the upper right corner of the last page, and thus suitable for display, a long parody of The Raven” headed “A Parody. By ‘Alick.’” The piece is signed and dated Lambertville June 1848.



    Chinese Currency. Shanghai: Presbyterian Mission Press, 1901

    FIRST EDITION of this standard work on the history of Chinese currency. Edkins was a British Sinologist and Protestant missionary who spent 57 years in China, 30 of them in Beijing.



    Horse-Hoeing Husbandry: or, An Essay on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage. Designed to Introduce A New Method of Culture; whereby The Produce of Land will be Increased, and the Usual Expense Lessened. Together with Accurate Descriptions and Cuts of the Instruments Employed in it … fourth edition, very carefully corrected. London: Millar, 1762

    The edition that Thomas Jefferson owned.  Jefferson wrote from Monticello in 1817, “While I was an amateur in Agricultural science (for practical knowledge my course of life never permitted me) I was very partial to the drilled husbandry of Tull.”



    Materials for the Study of Variation: treated with especial regard to discontinuity in the origin of species. London: Macmillan, 1894

    FIRST EDITION. This was “Bateson’s major scientific work before his rediscovery of Mendel’s laws. Like many other scientists during the last decades of the nineteenth century, Bateson rejected the orthodox Darwinian doctrine of natural selection… Bateson laid great emphasis on the importance of major or discontinuous variation as the source of evolutionary change” (Norman 134).


  • Stiles, Henry R

    A History of the City of Brooklyn Including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, the Town of Brunswick, and the Village and City of Williamsburgh. Brooklyn: Published by Subscription, 1867, 1869, and 1870

    FIRST EDITION. It is very difficult to find fine, complete sets of first editions of this work, published individually by subscription over the span of three years.

    This is the best history of Brooklyn up to its time. Stiles was an indefatigable author, historian, and genealogist, in addition to his day job as a physician.

    A lovely set.