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  • Cooper, James Fenimore

    Mercedes of Castile: or, the Voyage to Cathay. Philadelphia: Lea and Blanchard, 1840

    Fine first American edition of Cooper’s historical novel about Christopher Columbus’s first voyage. The Coopers had returned to America in the 1830s, but James continued to explore European influences and settings.



    Horse-Hoeing Husbandry: or, An Essay on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage. Designed to Introduce A New Method of Culture; whereby The Produce of Land will be Increased, and the Usual Expense Lessened. Together with Accurate Descriptions and Cuts of the Instruments Employed in it … fourth edition, very carefully corrected. London: Millar, 1762

    The edition that Thomas Jefferson owned.  Jefferson wrote from Monticello in 1817, “While I was an amateur in Agricultural science (for practical knowledge my course of life never permitted me) I was very partial to the drilled husbandry of Tull.”


  • Hawthorne, Nathaniel

    “Letter from Hawthorne” in The Weal-Reaf. A Record of the Essex Institute Fair, Held at Salem.. No Place, 4-8 September 1860, 10-11 September 1860


  • (WHITMAN, WALT.) Horace Traubel, ed.

    At the graveside of Walt Whitman: Harleigh, Camden, New Jersey, March 30th and Sprigs of Lilac.. Philadelphia, 1892

    First edition. Presentation copy inscribed by Whitman’s friend and literary executor Horace Trouble to W. W. Clews and further inscribed by Traubel: “Edition: 750 / Number 382 / Horace L. Traubel.”


  • (WHITMAN, WALT.) Library of Congress

    A complete set of the 1955 Library of Congress Whitman Centennial Recordings. Library of Congress, 1955

    This is a complete set of these recordings of talks by leading scholars at the Library of Congress during the 1955 Leaves of Grass centennial celebration.



    “Allgemeinen molekulare Theorie der Wärme” in Annalen der Physik, 4. Folge, Band 14. Leipzig, Annalen der Physik, 1904

    FIRST EDITION of Einstein’s fifth published paper, “On the General Molecular Theory of Heat” (pp. 354-362). Weil 5.



    Albert Einstein: the Human Side. Princeton: University Press, 1979

    FIRST EDITION. Presentation copy inscribed by Einstein’s longtime assistant Helen Dukas: “For Lisa Ben Samuel with kindest regards and Shalom Helen Dukas Princeton N.J. March 1980.”


  • Thomson, William, Lord Kelvin

    Reports Regarding Sir William Thomson’s Compass and Sounding Machine. Glasgow: University Press [for Thomson], 1877

    An important early offering brochure regarding the sale of the first modern compass and early navigational aids. This is a price list and an extensive collection of reports and testimonial letters from ship captains concerning Thomson’s sounding apparatus (the first to use wire instead of hemp) and compass. “The modern compass dates from 1876, when Sir William Thomson patented his dry-card compass” (Singer, History of Technology V). Thomson was deeply interested in the application of science to industry, and he apparently prepared this rare, ephemeral publication to promote his products, which helped to make him a wealthy man. This brochure includes a detailed price list for Thomson’s navigational instruments.


  • Hawthorne, Nathaniel

    “Little Annie’s Ramble” in Youth’s Keepsake. A Christmas and New Year’s Gift for Young People. Boston: E. R. Broaders, 1835



    The Works. London: Tonson et al., 1766

    This handsome edition includes The Ambitious Step-Mother, Tamerlane, The Fair Penitent, Ulysses, The Royal Convert, Jane Shore, Jane Gray, and various poems.