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    Photograph signed by Carter and Begin. Robert A. Cumins, 1979

    Signed by Carter and Begin. Menachem Begin was awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize, together with Anwar Sadat, “for their work in laying a foundation for future peace” in the Middle East. The framework, reached at Camp David, was facilitated by Jimmy Carter. The Nobel award called Carter “the masterbuilder responsible for the bridge that had to be built between Egypt and Israel.”


  • Floyd ,William Pryor

    Joss House on Black Rock, East Point, Hong Kong.. Hong Kong , 1868.

    This is a superb early photograph of the Lin Fa Kung Temple by William Pryor Floyd.


  • 威廉。普赖尔。弗洛伊德

    Lin Fa Kung Temple. 香港, 1868年


  • (PEKING)

    Walled Entrance to the Forbidden City. Peking, ca.1880

    This is a fine early photograph of the Zhengyang Gate, one of the “nine great gates” of ancient Peking, taken from the top of the Tartar Wall.


  • Happy Valley ,Hong Kong

    Hong Kong, Happy Valley Cemetery. Hong Kong, ca. 1865

    One of the earliest photographic views of Hong Kong, Happy Valley Cemetery .


  • 香港欢乐谷

    The Hong Kong, Happy Valley Cemetery. 香港欢乐谷, 约1865

    这是迄今最早的香港欢乐谷公墓 的照片之一。


  • One of the “Nine Great Gates” of ancient Beijing. 北京, 约1880



  • 同昇, 达顿, 麦克尔斯

    The Towering Hua Ta Pagoda. 广州, 1863



  • (GARDNER, ALEXANDER.) Wood & Gibson

    Battery No. 4, near Yorktown, Virginia (plate 14 from Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War). Washington: Gardner, [1865-66]

    This battery of 13 inch mortars was placed for the bombardment of Yorktown. The high trajectory of the shells permitted the emplacement to be made under a high bank.


  • (认为) ,黎芳

    19th Century Fishing Village on the Guangzhou Waterfront. 广州, 约1870