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  • (GARDNER, ALEXANDER.) Wood & Gibson

    Battery No. 4, near Yorktown, Virginia (plate 14 from Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War). Washington: Gardner, [1865-66]

    This battery of 13 inch mortars was placed for the bombardment of Yorktown. The high trajectory of the shells permitted the emplacement to be made under a high bank.


  • (认为) ,黎芳

    19th Century Fishing Village on the Guangzhou Waterfront. 广州, 约1870




    Hong Kong Harbour. Hong Kong , ca.1875

    This fine photograph by Lai Fong, who has long been considered “the most significant Chinese photographer of the nineteenth-century,” offers an excellent glimpse of old Hong Kong’s crowded harbor.



    A Crowded Shanghai Street.. Shanghai, ca. 1885

    A fine photograph of a bustling street in the Old City of Shanghai, the former Nanshi district.



    Flower Pagoda. Canton, 1863

    This is an excellent early photograph of the Hua Ta or Flower Pagoda the most famous pagoda in Guangzhou, photographed by Ting Shing, Sylvester Dutton, and Vincent Michaels in 1863.


  • LAI FONG , attributed

    Canton Fishing Village. Canton, ca.1870

    This is an excellent photograph of life on the Pearl River in 19th century Canton (Guangzhou) attributed to the great 19th century Chinese photographer Lai Fong.



    Treasury Building. no publisher, 1870s

    “The architecture of the West Wing makes the Treasury building a national landmark and the leading classical revival structure in our nation’s capital as well as being an icon to the period of America’s Civil War” (Cote).


  • (Kahlo, Frida.) Sternberger, Marcel

    Portrait of Frida Kahlo. Sternberger, Mexico City, 1952, printed 2017

    This is a splendid 16 x 20 in. print of a recently rediscovered photograph of Frida Kahlo taken in Mexico City in 1952. Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera had become intimate friends of photographer Marcel Sternberger and his wife Ilse by that time. The couple held Sternberger’s work in such high regard that Rivera said it was “the first time [I’ve] seen the real me” and above his bed in Kahlo’s lifelong house La Caza Azul hangs a portrait of Frida by Sternberger.

    framed price: $1,525


    Signed photograph portrait. Fan Foto, c. 1930s

    This fabulous portrait of Fats Waller is finely inscribed with lines bringing to mind the patter heard in his shows and his rollicking recordings: “To Willie Woods Here tiz!!! That’s what I’m talkin about / Keep your nose clean ‘Fats’ Waller.”


  • (STATUE OF LIBERTY ,Central Park.)

    Liberty’s Torch in Madison Square Park. no publisher, negative ca. 1876, made from a print, late 19th century

    The torch of the Statue of Liberty was exhibited in Madison Square Park, New York to raise funds for the statue’s completion.  The torch remained in the park from 1876 through 1882.